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SQUAD ROOM: Release our informant


FBI Agent: Could I speak to Detective Warren please?

Warren: That's me.

FBI Agent: I understand you've arrested Little Timmy?

Warren: Yeah. It was touch and go for a while. But we've got him now. We've got him dead to rights.

FBI Agent: I need you to let him go.

Warren: What? Are you kidding me?

FBI Agent: I couldn't be more serious, detective.

Warren: Do you have any idea how many murders this guy's done?

FBI Agent: A lot. Probably some you don't even know about.

Warren: And you're asking me to put him back on the streets?

FBI Agent: To be clear detective, I am not asking. I am telling you to release him. Now.

Warren: Why? Because he's one of your informants? Is that what you're telling me?

FBI Agent: He's not just any informant. He's the key man. The key man in a major investigation.

Warren: Major investigation? What kind of operation could be worth twenty, maybe thirty lives?

FBI Agent: One that might save thousands.

Warren: What, terror? Are you telling me this cheap street hood has got an in on a terror plot?

FBI Agent: I can't discuss that.

Warren: And I can't let him go just because you say so.

FBI Agent: I understand. (Takes out a letter.) Read this please.

Warren: (Reading). I don't believe it.

FBI Agent: Believe it, detective. Or not. But Little Timmy needs to walk. Now.

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