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PARTNERS: Distrust creeps in


Mellenkamp: What was that about?

Walton: I said what I thought.

Mellenkamp: Is that what you think, that I -

Walton: I don't know what to think.

Mellenkamp: How long have you known me?

Walton: That's the thing. I'm not sure I do know you.

Mellenkamp: Whoa. You can't be serious.

Walton: Look. I want to trust you. I do. But that old man says he saw you.

Mellenkamp: He's wrong.

Walton: Is he? So you weren't there?

Mellenkamp: No.... I mean, I was there, but…

Walton: But?

Mellenkamp: Look, it's complicated.

Walton: Uncomplicate it.

Mellenkamp: I want to tell you. I do.

Walton: So tell me.

Mellenkamp: I can't.

Walton: Do you realize how this looks?

Mellenkamp: I need more time.

Walton: That's not good enough.

Mellenkamp:  Can't you just trust me?

Walton: No. No, I can't.


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