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PARTNERS: Confronting an alcoholic


Sturgis: Come on in! Have a seat!

Masters: Mind if I close the door?

Sturgis: No problemo. - Hey, thanks for covering for me, buddy.

Masters: That's I want to talk about.

Sturgis: You don’t have to say another word. It won't happen again.

Masters: Funny. You said that last time. And the time before that. But it did happen again. And again.

Sturgis: Geez. You're right. It's just that….

Masters: That what? You're still getting over last month? You're not yourself just now? You need more time to get it together?

Sturgis: What? Where do you get this stuff?

Masters: Where do I get it? From my father. From my brother. From the guy who was my best friend all through college. From every alcoholic I've ever known.

Sturgis: Alcoholic? You think I'm -

Masters: I can’t believe it took me so long to see it.

Sturgis: Look, I was late, that's all.

Masters: No, that's not all. You've been messing up more and more.

Sturgis: God you're a downer.

Masters: What's in the cup?

Sturgis: I think I want you to go now.

Masters: What's in the cup?

Sturgis: Comfort. A sweet caress.

Masters: A one-way ticket downhill.

Sturgis: Get out.

Masters: Kicking me out won't -

Sturgis: Get out and leave me alone!

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