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THE MORGUE: Revealing evidence


Evans: Find anything?

Walchek: Other than that big wound on the left side? Not yet. I just finished checking the stomach contents.

Evans: Yeah? What was for lunch?

Walchek: Something ethnic, looks like. Some kind of pea puree with, would you believe, cinnamon?

Evans: Cinnamon? Did you find any other spices?

Walchek: Yeah. Several in fact.

Evans: Let me guess. Nutmeg? Ginger?

Walchek: Exactly. How'd you know?

Evans: Isn't the Jigs and Jousts Fair going on right now?

Walchek: That make-believe medieval powwow? Right. I saw a poster for it driving in.

Evans: And didn't they find the body off Hangar Road?

Walchek: Let me see. (Checks file.) Yep.

Evans: Which leads to the county fairground.

Walchek: And the fake medieval fair. But what's that got to do with our victim’s weird meal?

Evans: Pea puree shows up in a lot of medieval recipes. Along with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger… I’ll bet you found some coriander too.

Walchek: I did. You think our victim had a snack between jousts?

Evans: Where else would he get that kind of food? And if he was playing knight in armor, that big wound on his side might just be from a -

Walchek: You're kidding. You're not saying -

Evans: That's right. It's from a lance.


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