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Detective Willet: Thanks for coming in.

Collins: Sure. Though I don't think I can help much.

Detective Willet: Every little bit helps. You knew the victim, didn't you?

Collins: A little. She lives in my building.

Detective Willet: You live on the third floor, right?

Collins: That's right.

Detective Willet: Ever been up to see her?

Collins: No. It's not like I knew her. We never said more than a few words.

Detective Willet: Where were you that afternoon?

Collins:  At work.

Detective Willet: What is it you do?

Collins: Stone carver.

Detective Willet: No kidding! You're an artist?

Collins: Nah. It's just a job. I get a sketch, I carve what the customer wants.

Detective Willet: That's really interesting. What do you carve?

Collins: Marble, mostly.

Detective Willet: That's gotta be rough on the lungs, no? Isn't there a lot of dust? Marble dust?

Collins: Oh yeah. Most days I come home covered with the stuff.

Detective Willet: That's amazing. It really is.

Collins: Oh I don't know. It's a little unusual I guess.

Detective Willet: It is that. But, no, what's amazing is -

Collins: Yes?

Detective Willet: We found marble dust in the victim's apartment. Tracked across the carpet.

Collins: That's not possible!

Detective Willet: Why? Because you cleaned it up?

Collins: No...

Detective Willet: Clean to you isn't clean to Crime Scene.

Collins: OK, so maybe I did know her a little.

Detective Willet:  Maybe you did.


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