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Detective Arch: So, what do they call you again?

Shock: Shock, man, As in "Shock and Awe".

Detective Arch: Well, Shock, we heard you might be able to help us out.

Shock: You heard wrong, Holmes. I don't help no police.

Detective Arch: That's not very friendly of you, Shock.

Shock: Don't need no friends, man. I got lots of friends.

Detective Arch: Like Eddie Kicks?

Shock: Man, I don't know no Eddie Kicks.

Detective Arch: That's funny. We heard you knew him pretty well.

Shock: I can't help that. I can't help what you heard.

Detective Arch: You can't huh? How about this? Maybe you can help your sister.

Shock: My sister? What's she got to do with this?

Detective Arch: We found a gun in her store. A gun with Eddie's prints.

Shock: C'mon man. She's got nothing to do with this.

Detective Arch: She's all we've got, Shock.

Shock: Like hell! You know she's clean! She's got nothing to do with that gun!

Detective Arch: No? That's too bad for her. Because unless we get some other idea of how it got there, we have to put her down for it.

Shock: My sister's never been in trouble her whole life.

Detective Arch: We just need to know how it got there.

Shock: Ok. Ok, if I tell you what I know, is she free and clear?

Detective Arch: Free and clear, the moment we get what we need.

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