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COUPLES: You told me you were done


Cindy: What's this?

J.J.: Where'd you get that?

Cindy: That's not important.

J.J.: You were going through my things?

Cindy: You told me you were done with all this.

J.J.: It's not what you think.

Cindy: Isn't it? It sure looks like it is.

J.J.: OK, OK. But I can explain.

Cindy: I'm sure you can. You can always explain.

J.J.: You're not being fair.

Cindy: Fair? I'd say I'm being more than fair.

J.J.: Just give me a chance.

Cindy: This was your chance. You're out of chances.

J.J.: Just wait. This time it's different. You'll see.

Cindy: No. No, I won't.

J.J.: You're saying that now, but when -

Cindy: There won't be any 'when', J.J. You go right ahead and do what you want to do. Like you were going to do anyway.

J.J.: What are you saying?

Cindy: I've had enough. I'm leaving. We're through.

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