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BUDDIES: Snooping around


Biff: Are you sure we should be in here?

Sam: Shh! Where's the flashlight?

Biff: Here.

Sam: Tell me if you see someone coming.

Biff: We're in deep if anyone does.

Sam: Thanks for the news flash. - Wait a minute! What's this?

Biff: Just a folder.

Sam: I don't think so. Look - it's got the county seal on it.

Biff: You mean –

Sam: I think we've found the missing file.

Biff: That's great! Now we can prove my brother's innocent!

Sam: Shh! Did you hear that?

Biff: No.

Sam: Someone's coming.

Biff: Are you sure?

Sam: Don't you hear that?

Biff: Oh. Yeah. Now that you mention it...

Sam: Quick, get in the closet.

Biff: The closet? But won't they -?

Sam: Now, Biff!

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