Which one of you guys left the teacher a snake?

That's what was in that gift box, right? The one you left on her desk, with the big smiling note?

Only, when she opened it, there was nothing inside. So how could she could know what the joke was? Then me, next period, I'm sitting at my desk, and what pops out but a little green head with two beady eyes.

Cute. Really funny.

It didn't scare me, if that's what you'er wondering. Surprised me a little, sure. But then I just took it by the back of its little head and I put it in a plastic bag and I went outside and called Animal Control.

No big deal.

But if she'd found it, if it had been there when it was supposed to be, well, yeah, she would have been upset. And by upset, I mean hurt.

That's what you wanted, no? To upset her? Because she's a little strange. Because she's different.

Let me tell you. Snakes, snakes I'm not afraid of. But people?

Sometimes people scare me to death.

Copyright 2009 James B. Chevallier
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