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FAMILY: The Chevallier Family
Chevallier (Chevalier) means "Knight" in French, and the name is as common there as its English version is in America. Other Latin countries have many people of similar names: Cavaliere, Caballero....In America, the name occurs in Lousiana and other areas with a high French population. But those sharing this name are not necessarily related.

One company promotes what they claim is the Chevallier coat of arms. On the face of it, such a thing is unlikely, since the name itself is an honorific roughly equivalent to 'Sir', as in 'Sir Rollo of Rottinngham'. The coat of arms would attach to 'Rottingham', not to 'Rollo' and certainly not to 'Sir'. However, there are people with the family name who claim it as the start of a longer aristocratic title.

Our branch is descended from a notary in the town of Fougères, a French town in Brittany. He may have been from another town in Brittany however.

And no, no relation to Maurice......

LAST UPDATED: December 2009