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	Iím sorry I was late, Ms. Hollis.  I had to help my sister get 
ready.  My parents are taking her to the Precious Pretty contest.  Because 
sheís so beautiful... She has long long hair and great big sugar eyes.  
Thatís what Daddy calls them - sugar eyes.  My parents want her to be in the
movies.  Because sheís so pretty.
	Thatís why it was so important today, for her to look just perfect,
so she can be in the contest, and then maybe someone will see her and sheíll
be discovered.  My parents would really be happy then.  And I would too, of
course.  So I had to brush her hair and tie it back in two pony tails with 
ribbons - blue and yellow ribbons, I wish I had some, maybe theyíd make my 
hair look nice - and help her put on eye shadow - Iím not allowed to wear 
make-up, but itís different for her, because sheís so pretty, she has to be 
perfect, you know? - and then someone had to polish her shoes, because she 
canít get her hands dirty, the hands are important, they look at them too, 
did you know that?  And then, I had to be really really sure not to say 
anything mean to her because if she cries, itíll be my fault.
	So all of this took a really really long time, and I got worried 
about the time, but my parents said, "Will you stop being so selfish, this 
is IMPORTANT!" and Iím sorry, really really sorry I was so selfish, and 
Iím sorry that I was late and - and anyway, if you want me to stay after, 
it doesnít matter if I donít go right home, I donít think anyoneíll mind, 
it really doesnít matter, it really doesnít matter if Iím there at all.

COPYRIGHT 1997, Jim Chevallier

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