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	Can I look inside your VCR? To see how it works?  You donít have to
 worry.  I wonít hurt myself.
	When I took apart my Dadís computer - itís got wires and circuits 
and screws and stuff, and that thing you put the CD in (which I didnít know
you could break just by pushing on it too hard), and all those things they 
stick in the back, and the fan, and the screen, and - anyway, when I took 
that apart, nothing bad happened to me at all.  Not even when I took apart 
that big box the power comes from, the one that says "Dangerous - do not
open."  Anyway, my Dadís new computer works even better.
	I have to look at stuff, because Iím very-very-very smart. So 
someday Iíll invent something super important, like a time machine or a mind
controller or a really big bomb or something.  So then youíll be famous too,
because you helped me learn about stuff.  See?  Thatís why you have to do it.
	Donít`worry.  I know how.  Iíll unplug it first.
	Donít worry.  Really. I wonít hurt myself. 
	I never do.

COPYRIGHT 1997, Jim Chevallier
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