Suicide Monologues

For Actors and Others


In 2019 (most recent available figures), an average of 1 person killed themselves every 11.1 minutes. Suicide ranked 10th as the cause of death.

These monologues explore a tragedy that continues to touch millions of people each year - through the voices of survivors, observers and suicides themselves.

While actors may use individual pieces from this original collection for performance, auditions, class work, etc., others may find the pieces useful simply as echoes of their own experience. The collection may also be presented as a complete production, and is divided into four sections to facilitate such an effort:

  • "Stop" - An overview of suicide, including the voices of both suicides and survivors
  • "One Shot" - One shot, and its effects on family, friends and others
  • "Not Like Me" - Very different speakers, sharing a similar loss
  • "Something Out There" - At the edge, or beyond

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Dancer Angel Red Ropes The Life of the Party Steady

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