Forever Teen

Oh hi. You must be the new kid. Your family just moved in here, right?

How you doin'? I'm the ghost.

I walked right by your mom and dad just now. But they couldn't see me. It's a teen thing.

It's like those sounds only teens can hear. You heard about those? There's this old guy, Carl, lives across the street. Let me tell you, I knew Carl when he was our age. Real pain, even then. Anyway, he got sick of kids skateboarding by his place. So he bought this gizmo that puts out a high-pitched sound. Only, adults couldn't hear it. Turns out you lose the highs after a certain age. But teens? Teens couldn't stand it. And they kept away.

Except for myself. Being a ghost and all, I had to stay put. It's that whole haunting thing, you know? Man, I almost lost my posthumous marbles. Luckily, the town made Carl shut it off. So I could haunt in peace. As it were.

What I'm saying is, it's like that with me. You can only see me because you're a teen. Before you turn twenty, bit by bit, it'll get harder to see me, until one day, I'll just.... disappear.

Which gets to be a drag, you know? Making friends, then fading out of their lives...

But hey, for now, we've got time, right? So, tell me what's your name?

Copyright 2009 James B. Chevallier
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